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Feedback that made our day -- and then some! -- from (very) satisfied Overlay Publications customers:

"Even though the game seems to get tougher each year, thanks to your superb methods, I ended the year with a profit!"

"I cannot really think of any books or publications that I have come across that are more thorough in evaluating the past performances of horses to get to a final decision on what horse to wager on."

"Just a quick note to let you know that, over the past two months, I have been using 10-Up, 14-Down and getting amazing results.  Since then, I have hit 25.3% of 91 win bets at an average mutuel of $10.94 -- a $1.38 ($1) ROI.  The largest win price was $21.40, so it is not just one or two outliers that are making 10-Up, 14-Down work so well.  In fact, what really sets 10-Up, 14-Down apart is its ability to find value at relatively low odds.  I am so grateful to you for offering your remarkable methods for sale.  They are the horseplaying version of E=mc2, and are worth many times their very modest price.  In 40 years of thoroughbred handicapping, I have never seen an approach that even comes close to 10-Up, 14-Down.  It is easy, fast, and most important: highly profitable!"

"I am very satisfied with my purchase. Yours was the best-presented handicapping material that I have ever gotten through the mail...and it has made me think about this game in a new way. People comparing your work with the other stuff being sold out there will be justifiably impressed."

"I read your material over my vacation, and thought it was great!"

"I want you to know that dealing with you has been the only time in my 29 years of playing this game that I have actually been satisfied with a horseracing-related product that I got through the mail...and I have bought EVERYTHING written about handicapping in the last 30 years.  Your products are sophisticated, well-researched, and clearly presented."

"Quick-Line is ideal for simulcasting, where it has allowed me to stay in the black.  I have not come across any publication that is more thorough in evaluating the past performances of horses to reach a decision about which one to wager on, and to get a positive expectation from that wagering!"

"I learned a lot from Overlay Handicapping about looking at the entire field, and narrowing down multiple overlays for win bets.  It put me back on track when I was making a lot of losing bets on horses that I should have avoided.  This is information that I have been trying to find!"

"I had been doing extremely well on route races, but my sprint handicapping had been terrible lately.  I went back to Overlay Handicapping and re-read it, and had two straight winning days on sprints!  And now I have found that when my route picks agree with your picks, they become even stronger!"

"For the first five races I have played, I have had 100% winners!  Pretty impressive!"

"Nice work with Handicapping Outside the Curve!"

"Quick-Line put me on to an overlay that won and paid $19.80!  My proceeds from that wager (even at your very sensible edge-based percentage of bankroll) more than paid for your products!  (P.S. No, I will not be asking for a refund!)"

"I love what you have developed!  I never had a methodology to properly assess value until your material.  Keep it up!"

"Truly a comprehensive and insightful suite of handicapping approaches!"

"Last night, I did my pace handicapping the usual way, and picked a horse that I would not have bet.  The odds (3-2) were just too low.  Then I did your odds-line analysis.  What totally amazed me was that you rated the horse as an overlay, even at those odds!  (And, as I expected, the horse won going away.)  Until now, looking for value in a race was more of an abstract concept for me.  But you have shown me how to translate that concept into dollars-and-cents reality!"

"After many attempts to use betting lines, FINALLY an objective method that works!  Although I have had a return on investment of 20.125% for a decade, your techniques have added a huge new value to my handicapping!  Thank you very much!"

"My strong suit has always been horses at 5-1 and higher.  I am a natural contrarian, so I can find higher-odds winners.  It is the horses at 9-2 and below that I just traded money on.  When I began supplementing my own methods with oddslines created using the guidance in Overlay Handicapping, I started finding a lot of lower-odds overlays that increased my wins, and also the profit that I take home!"

"Your materials are amazing!  I am overwhelmed by the depth and quality of your work!"

"Great methods!  I cannot count how much money I have won at the races utilizing your techniques!"

"BRAVO!  Overlay Handicapping and Quick-Line are OUTSTANDING!  Your materials have been WELL worth their price!"

"As a newbie to the game, my horseplaying has benefitted tremendously from your insights!"

"Your approach does a great job at uncovering value at low odds!  The computer-driven, paceline systems can pick the occasional (unfortunately, very occasional) $30 winner, but rarely identify the overlay that pays $5 to $9, as do your methods.   And since the majority of horses pay less than $10, this is really important to me!"

"God bless you!  I am so pleased to have found you and your products!!!"

"Congratulations on solving the riddle of how to find overlays simply for the average horseplayer, for which I have been searching for many years!"

"I read all your materials once they arrived.  Played races 6-9 at Aqueduct today, and hit three of the four races.  I used Overlay Handicapping, and it was dead on.  Very happy thus far!"

"You have provided a tremendous service to all struggling handicappers on the road to deriving a consistent source of supplementary income from betting on the widely-believed unpredictable outcomes of horse races!  Thank you so much for making this information USABLE by the average handicapper in the pursuit of steady profits at the racetrack -- something countless others have had the opportunity of doing, but failed to do for so many years!  Congratulations on your ingenuity and resourcefulness!"

"You are one handicapper who really gets it!  More importantly, you can effectively pass that knowledge on to others in a way that preserves both clarity and profitability!"

"I LOVE 10-Up, 14-Down!  Such a powerful and quick method!  Thank you SO much for this gem!"

"My first day at Saratoga, I turned $20.00 into $200.00!"

And, although we applauded a recent customer for his optimistic reaction (and appreciated his positive feedback), we also sympathized with him when he told us, "The first time I used your methods was at Del Mar. The first race I played, your methods came up with two overlays at odds of 3-1 and 32-1. My play was going to be the 3-1, but it kept being bet down. So, I was going to put twenty dollars down on the 32-1 shot, but waited too long and got shut out. The horse won and paid $66.00. But I know that your methods work, and that I will get another chance to make money. Thank you so much!"

You might also think that there would not be much that a runaway winner of a handicapping contest did not already know, but we received the following e-mail from just such an individual to whom we sent our titles as part of his prize package: "The book that I have wanted to write on handicapping starts with this: If you can add, subtract, multiply, and divide, you can win at the races.  And that is why I have gobbled up your publications that you sent me.  They are just what the doctor ordered.  In sharing your insights on the complexities of handicapping, your publications have been the most rewarding experience that I have had in a very long time."

By the way, when a different player won the following edition of that same handicapping contest, we did not even have to send our titles to him, because he had already purchased them earlier!

And, in fact, the same thing kept happening in the next FIVE handicapping contests that we sponsored!  One or more of the top three finishers in each contest had already ordered our products!  Mere coincidences?  WE THINK NOT!  (And neither did they!)

It is ongoing, gratifying experiences and user remarks such as those -- as well as repeat business from multiple people who have ordered our items more than once (including one recent customer who has now purchased our titles four separate times!) so that they could benefit others with them, since they knew that such generosity would not have the slightest adverse effect on their own rate of bankroll growth -- and how many horseplaying "systems" can pass that test? -- that keep us excited about getting the overlay handicapping message out!

As they say in the advertising business, "You cannot buy publicity like that!"  But, you CAN buy the thoroughbred handicapping guides that prompted these rave reviews, while also saving over 50% off their regular purchase price; getting the security of our 90-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee; AND receiving BOTH our latest handicapping and wagering breakthroughs absolutely FREE!

Get the better of the odds on every wager you make! See our Products page NOW for ordering details!


Overlay Publications

Your own accurate fair-odds lines for win bets and exotics -- the ultimate thoroughbred handicapping edge!  
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