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Welcome to Overlay Publications, and thank you for visiting our website!  My name is Tim Maas.

Suppose that you were considering joining a contest where a fair coin was being tossed repeatedly, with betting between flips on whether heads or tails would come up next.  For each wrong prediction, you would have to pay $1.00, while for every correct one, you would receive 98 cents (or less).  Should you get in or stay out?

Put that way, the question hardly seems worth asking.

A moment of thought would tell you that both outcomes would have the same chance of occurring, and also that it would be impossible to control or foretell with certainty how the coin would fall on any particular toss.

So, regardless of how you called it, in the long run you would collect winnings only half the time.  And, when you did, you would be taking in at least two cents less per bet than you would have to pay on every one of the other 50% of wagers that you missed.

Thus, although the size of each individual net loss might be small, you would find as you went on that you were gradually digging yourself into a hole from which you could never escape.  In fact, if you remained in the game, it would be a mathematical inevitability that your entire stake would eventually disappear.

Turning to a more practical situation, these same unhappy conditions await anyone who gambles on casino games like roulette, craps, or slots.

Sure, there may be a select, fortunate few who start out with a string of correct guesses or a high-return spin that puts them in the plus column.  But, just as in the example we have already discussed, that favorable development is completely the product of random events that follow no decipherable pattern, and that players cannot influence in any manner.

And if those same folks keep betting (and, of course, people always feel invincible when things are going right!), they, too, will end up giving back all they have won (and more) because -- as unavoidably as with the rigged coin flip -- they are fighting numerical realities that they cannot get away from, and that are weighted to the benefit of the house on every wager.

Even a game such as blackjack that theoretically allows for the use of logic and deductive reasoning, and where accomplished card-counters could once make money (at least until the management would catch on and bar them from the tables), has been turned into a losing proposition by multi-deck continuous shuffling equipment that negates any attempt to track the flow of a deal.

Then there are lotteries -- another popular (but no less ill-advised) form of risk-taking.  Is it even necessary to comment on the overwhelming odds that participants are challenging, or the fact that, once more, there is absolutely nothing they can do to improve the situation or affect the final result?

And sports betting?  In a competition pitting a biased casual fan against an impartial oddsmaker who sets point spreads for a living, and who can re-adjust those spreads as needed to assure that both the favorite and the underdog draw the same amount of support (from which the sportsbook also takes a cut), it is not hard to project what the outcome of any significant series of wagers will be.

Now, forget all those depressing thoughts, and consider a more agreeable alternative.

Visualize a betting environment where YOU are the one calling the shots (for a change), and you are no longer at the mercy of blind luck or brief, sporadic breaks in a solid wall of losses.

Picture a setting where you know your actual probability of winning (like in games of pure chance), but (decidedly unlike those games) there are times -- not just once in a while, but over and over -- when the odds are on your side.

And then (to take positive thinking to the next level), assume that you can pinpoint those opportunities before you bet, allowing you to wager solely on situations where you have the upper hand on the game, rather than the other way around.

Do I hear you saying, "That would be great...but what happens when the alarm clock goes off?"

Well, I have good news for you!  Such a betting paradise does exist in the waking world: thoroughbred racing! And with the help of the products that we offer at Overlay Publications, you can have an edge on every bet you make!

Our titles will show you how to arrive at true-odds figures for whole race fields, the full spectrum of multi-horse/multi-race wagers, and selected spot plays.  (And when we say "true odds", we mean not just general ranges, or even refined estimates, but right-on-the-money ratings that are backed by a mountain of the latest available data; that rest on undeviating statistical principles; and that deliver the same consistent winning percentage, regardless of the actual toteboard odds at which a horse may go off!)

Once you have this knowledge, you will then be able to confine your wagers to horses and combinations with odds that are higher than fair value (or overlays, as they are referred to at the track).  And, any way you look at it, if you bet only on overlays, there can be just one outcome -- more money in your pocket!

Our flagship publication, Overlay Handicapping, uses simple arithmetic on a few essential, readily available pieces of past-performance information to precisely compare each entrant in a field to its opponents in pivotal areas such as speed, class, and condition, while also quantifying the effects of race distance, running surface, track contours, pace, and even trainer intent!  The result is a fast, accurate odds line for individual horses, and fair payoff figures for exotic wagers, in any race except maiden turf routes for three-year-olds and up -- and that means available action in over 99% of all races run!  Through detailed explanation and illustration, Overlay Handicapping then shows you how to find the best betting values, how much to wager, and how that amount should be distributed for maximum gain. (81 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", spiralbound)($45.00)(includes priority shipping)  (NOTE: It has come to our attention that this title is being offered by some unauthorized sellers (other than the outlets mentioned on this site) at a lower price than noted above.  However, those are pirated versions that are incomplete, and that also may not include shipping in their cost.  They are also not offered (along with our other titles) at a large savings as part of our package discount offer noted below.  NEVER SETTLE FOR LESS THAN FULL VALUE!)

Handicapping Outside the Curve, the equally effective stablemate of , Overlay Handicapping, employs validated probabilities associated with enduring favorable performance patterns to uncover high-paying horses or exotic combinations that the track crowd has missed.  This spot-playing dream is tailor-made for those times when you want to reliably identify overlays without making a full-dress odds line, or when you have not sized up the next race yet, and there is only a minute or two left before you hear, "They are off!" (14 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", acetate-bound)($40.00)(includes priority shipping)

And away from the number-three post in front-running fashion is a recent addition to our stakes-class field of products, The Ten-Up, Fourteen-Down Odds-Line Method!  This dynamic bargain-detector combines the comprehensiveness and accuracy of Overlay Handicapping with the compressed, mechanical style of Handicapping Outside the Curve to achieve an unprecedented blend of simplicity and precision!  You will never have to rely merely on "feel", intuition, or hunches about the chances of a horse or combination again when odds lines for win bets and exotics are this easy! (15 pages, 8-1/2" x 11", acetate-bound)($40.00)(includes priority shipping)

SPECIAL PACKAGE DISCOUNT!  Get all three of these titles at the same time for only $60.00 (including priority shipping), and save over 50% off the cost of ordering them individually!

(As noted on our home page, all our publications carry our own ninety-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.  But we are betting that, once you have tried them, you will agree with a customer of ours who was so pleased that he subsequently offered to personally reimburse another potential (but undecided) buyer who was seeking more information about us, if that individual would purchase our products for himself, but then find them unsatisfactory for any reason and want to return them!)  (Have you ever heard of anything like that before?  Neither had we, but we cannot imagine a greater compliment that anyone could give us!)

And that is not all!  With any purchase, we will also include FREE both of our latest breakthrough products, Quick-Line and Quick-Bet, that reduce the odds-figuring and wager-allocation processes to an absolute minimum of time and effort!  (It just does not get any more straightforward than this!)

PLUS, you will receive the specially-configured, streamlined contest version of Overlay Handicapping that we used during our run to the finals of the PaceAdvantage Interboard Handicapping League!

(To learn more about the features that set our items apart from those offered by other sources, be sure to visit our Why We Win page!)

Start cashing in today on the income-producing possibilities of thoroughbred racing!  Click on the button underneath the items or package of your choice above to use the ease, speed, and security of purchasing online with a checking account or credit card through PayPal, or else send a check or money order, payable to Tim Maas, Post Office Box 7406, Moore, Oklahoma  73153-1406 and see the improvement in your confidence (and your finances!) that will come from knowing that there is just no better way to handicap!        







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Your own accurate fair-odds lines for win bets and exotics -- the ultimate thoroughbred handicapping edge!  
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